Being able to have her original music come to life with fine musicians is a great honour.  The band is also having fun reinterpreting cherry picked standards and folk melodies. Together they cook one fat groovy pocket while fusing jazz, world music, pop and R&B.

The wizardry of Nico Rhodes on keys (right), the excellence of James McRae on drums (centre), the finesse of Brad Shipley on guitar (left) and the charismatic Lady O on stand up bass and vocals, make for a rich musical experience that might  get you dancing!

Multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter and band leader, Lady O is a charismatic and natural entertainer who loves to bring people together. Her songs promote a sense of well being with themes that touch upon the inner journey, our shared humanity, and sometimes just fruit.

The Omen for Feb 25th at the Duncan Showroom 3pm (tix $20)

Nico Rhodes – piano
James McRae – drums
Brad Shipley – guitar

Nico Rhodes is an award winning, genre jumping, musician, composer, arranger and producer. Growing up touring around the globe he is equally comfortable playing jazz, classical, funk or roots music, orchestrating a symphony, writing musicals, and conducting choirs. 

James McRae is a mentor, composer, arranger, and producer. He has long been an important part of the Vancouver Island music scene. His passion for music defies easy categorization. James has played with a wide diversity of musicians from Miles Black, Gerry Barnum,  David Essig to Marc Atkinson.

Brad loves playing music on many different stringed contraptions including the 4 and 5-string banjo, ukulele, mandolin, lap steel and the humble instrument known as the guitar. Brad has played music for audiences over the past 30 years and is thrilled to be apart of the Omen clan.

Lady O & The Omen Live at The Duncan Showroom