Grand Trine Trio

The Grand Trine features Melissa Hammer on trumpet/flugelhorn, Guenter Schulz on guitar and Lady O on bass and voice.

With a penchant for funky grooves, tender ballads and hard hitting swing, the three members of The Grand Trine play in the pocket. Their original compositions and clever arrangements of Jazz, Blues and Latin standards have captivated and intrigued many a listener. The group met in 2004 at Capilano University and from 2005 until 2017, they’ve had the good fortune of having a regular house gig on Saturday evenings at the Libra Room on Commercial drive inVancouver. This regularity allowed them to cultivate a seemingly telepathic communication that delights audiences.

Orith and Melissa are the core members of the group, the third player of the trio changed a few times over 16 years.  They have had the privilege of playing with exceptional piano and guitar players such as Karen Rauh, Cat Toren, Tom Wherret, Jillian Lebeck and Guenter Schulz

The group was twice nominated for the CBC’s Galaxie Rising Star award, be the face of the CTV’s 2010 Vancouver Jazz Festival ad campaign, and they were invited to play exclusive concerts for the athletes of the Vancouver Olympics both in Vancouver and Whistler.

Melissa Hammer

Guenter Schulz

Lady O


“For 14 years, The Grand Trine played at the ‘Libra Room’ on a weekly basis, their professionalism, solid playing and warm vibes kept them a regular attraction.”

Bruno Hubert – Booking Agent and Musician


“Melissa Hammer plays trumpet as well as anyone on the circuit these days. Orith excels on both electric and stand up bass, singing jazz standards and original repertoire with her own unique style. The conversation of trumpet and scat is nothing short of genius.”

Peggy Stortz, Arts Alive Magazine


The Grand Trine is proof that those who set up Capilano University’s Jazz program had a good idea.”

Malcom Perry, The Vancouver Sun


“Hammer’s instrumentation tenderly peels my heart from the busy illusions of the day… Orith provides again, this time with clear, cascading melodies reminiscent of a young Ella Fitzgerald…  I have to admit, these cats are tight, something about their groove is special.”

Isabella Mari,

Recordings on the home page

What ever lola wants  Cot Toren  keys, Melissa Hammer  Trumpet and shaker, O  bass and vox
Composer Richard Alder and Jerry Ross

Moaning (Instumental)  Jillian Lebeck keys, Melissa Hammer  Trumpet. O  Bass and vox
Composer Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers

Agua de Beber Jillian Lebeck keys, Melissa Hammer on Trumpet. O on Bass and vox
Composer Antonio Carlos Jobim

You dont know what love is Cat Toren keys, Melissa Hammer Trumpet and shaker, O  bass and vox
Composer Don Raye and Gene de Paul

Miserlou (Instrumental) Cat Toren keys, Melissa Hammer Trumpet and shaker, O  bass and vox
Folk song popularized by Nick roubanis and Dick Dale